The Perfect Girl’s Day Out: Sassy City Chicks at the Drake Hotel!

Hey Chicago ladies! This Billy Dec’s intern Lauren Hurt again, here to let you know about another great fashion event coming your way! Cece & Melinda with Raymi Productions will be hosting this fun day at The Drake Hotel on Sunday, July 28th at 11:00 AM. This afternoon will be a fabulous excuse to get out of the heat and into this luxurious locale for a day of shopping and spa services. The event will bring together dozens of designers and boutiques from all over Chicago to give you a shopping experience like no other. You and all your friends will be able to browse through carefully handpicked collections of jewelry, makeup, handbags, skincare, and aromatherapy from wonderful Chicagoland boutiques.
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Front row video of lady gaga live at lollapalooza

Totally forgot I talked in to my intern’s camera (see video) the night we ran around lollapalooza for lady gaga’s concert before I hosted the rock the vote party later that evening with gaga’s dj lady...
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Lollapalooza parties w/Rock the vote & more!

every year, people, performers, celebs,.. around the world come to the great city of chicago (and our venues, see video above!) to enjoy the best musical talent around at lollapalooza! this year, i’m happy...
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Glee Cast Loves Chicago Food!

The city of Chicago, especially the guests at my spot, Sunda, was all up in arms last night as the cast of Glee paid us a visit & dined late night. The cast were all super nice, approachable, generous and...
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Lollapalooza Chicago 2010 Lineup Announced by C3!

Last night at sunda I got to catch up w/my old buddy Charlie jones, one of the 3 c’s in “c3” that’s responsible for the ever successful outdoor summer music festival in our sweet home chicago,...
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Sundance Celebrity Party Performers Live!

If you read my blog post yesterday you know I have much respect for Sundance- to me its probably the most respected independent film festival in the country, featuring not only Oscar winning talent, but...