8th Annual Gaming for Green Fundraiser to Benefit Chicago Gateway Green

One of my favorite events of the summer is this Thursday, July 11th! This marks the 8th annual Gaming for Green fundraiser, a poker and casino night benefiting Chicago Gateway Green, the organization dedicated to greening and beautifying Chicago & behind the biggest charity of the summer Green Tie Ball!
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NYFD Running To Remember 9/11 Through Chicago Today!

The New York Fire Department is running cross-country in remembrance of the victims of September 11th. This “tour of duty” started in Los Angeles on August 12 at 8:46am when the first plane struck. They...
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Chicago : The Comedy Breeder

a couple weeks ago… I came home from cutting the ribbon at the nightclub & bar show in vegas w/old friend dan aykroyd, to have a meeting at sunda where I see harold ramis entertaining chevy chase for...
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My Chicago/New Orleans Revelation

I used to write a column in “today’s chicago woman” about chicago entertainment, nightlife, culture, art,… similar to what I do on this blog I guess (but in a glossy magazine with an editor)…. And...