The Good Food Festival and Conference Engages & Educates Chicagoans about the Good Food Movement

What is Good Food? Chicagoans not only embrace local and sustainable food, but they also want to know as much about where their food comes from as possible. This is the idea behind the Good Food Movement, which Chicago is celebrating this weekend! Local chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and consumers will come together to discuss the ever-popular topic of food at The Good Food Festival & Conference, the Midwest’s largest local & sustainable food trade show.

Best Beach Bash: Volleywood Presented by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Chicago Sport and Social once again takes over North Avenue Beach on Saturday, July 7th to host the city’s biggest beach party and sand volleyball tournament. More than 5,000 attendees will be transported to the ultimate fantasy beach bash filled with food, drinks, sun, competition and live music.

26 Beers For 26 Letters Of The Alphabet

If your anything like me, you can find yourself in the liquor store on any given night spending as long as ten Chicago minutes to decide what the heck you actually want. You walk in, look around for something appealing in the front first, you’re feeling adventurous so you wander over to the import beers, no sales, and you quickly talk yourself out of to drinking a beer you can’t pronounce all night. You shift to the domestics where you start calculating ounces to dollars, looking for that hidden sixer of tall boys that saves you a buck from the 12 pack… college budget. Then, next thing you know, you’re sitting on your couch watching a game with the usual Budweiser in hand… real adventurous.

Chicago Ideas Week – Bringing the worlds top speakers together with Chicagos best thinkers to create an ecosystem of innovation, exploration, and intellectual recreation!

Chicago Ideas Week is fast approaching. Described as “100 Speakers. 7 Days. 1 Electrified City,” Chicago will be hosting a multitude of great thinkers during October 10 - 16. Each topic and event will be focused on trying to “create an ecosystem of innovation, exploration, and intellectual recreation.” Created by Groupon cofounder Brad Keywell, “[he] saw a need for a great platform in the Midwest that helps connect thinkers and doers."
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chicago 2016 olympics w/ grammy winner john legend

    I first met john on the roof of a tall building in Beverly hills where super famous Hollywood actor/exec types sat around sipping champagne at a fancy vip party not only shocked that someone was able...