Reality TV Star and Fashion Trendsetter Whitney Port Is On Her Way to Chicago To Host Design Your Life Shopping And Lifestyle Event!

You know her from MTV’s The Hills and The City and while she’s certainly left a memorable mark on New York and LA, Whitney Port is coming to Chicago to share stories, give inspiration and answer all your burning questions! Whitney opens up about everything from her book True Whit covering fashion and beauty to romance and career. From backstabbing coworkers and bitchy bosses to long-distance boyfriends and a daring new career in fashion, Whitney managed to handle it all. After Port speaks, have your phones ready as she’ll answer your questions submitted via Twitter!
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Chicago's Laura Baron on VH1's "You're Cut Off!"

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip join kiss fm, time out magazine, vh1 & the rockit ranch crew for a crazy kickoff to tonight’s blackhawks game six of the Stanley cup...
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My Role on "Nightmare on Elm Street"

If you remember from my video on set of “sin bin” the movie that just filmed here in chicago (btw, great wrap party this wknd at rockit Wrigley cast & crew!), I love playing a small role when tv...
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My Cameo on "The Hills" because of "Chicago!"

Soooooo random I know! everyone hit me on facebook & twitter (some w/screen shots like above) like crazy when they saw me on "the hills" season premiere last night... many asked how that happened... and...
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UNICEF "World Water Week" Tap Project Kickoff in Chicago

I was flipping thru channels last night and saw jessica biel on cnn w/ larry king talking about how millions of children around the world don’t have access to clean water, and thought about how when I was...
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chicago 2016 olympics w/ mtv's "the hills" brody jenner

ya, a lot of ladies know & love first i thought it might be a little random to interview him because of "the hills" hype....but gotta tell ya, he's actually a very nice & cool guy who is...