Network Out

Ok, let’s be real, does anyone really like those stuffy networking events? Not me, I've spent enough time at them to know what I don’t like about them and that’s why I decided to create my own. Network...

Tickled Pink: Party for a Good Cause Benefiting Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization

Today, everyone has been affected by breast cancer in some way; for me it was my cousin Carrie Kenney. Carrie was a fun-loving, young woman who was diagnosed at the very young age of 27 and looked to Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization for support. After she lost her battle in 2004, I was determined to make a contribution to the organization that had given so much to my cousin when she needed it the most. To date, Tickled Pink has raised over $800,000 for Y-ME and hopes to reach the goal of $1 million by 2013!