Chicago Museum of Broadcasting Communications Presents “A Night with Larry King”

The Museum of Broadcasting Communications in Chicago is going to be hosting an awesome event coming up in September... A Night with Larry King! On Friday, September 19th at 7pm, Charley Steiner, the "Voice of the LA Dodgers" and Radio Hall of Fame member, will be be hosting this unique event and emceeing the evening.

Meet Chicago’s Own: Keith Masters

Music fans, this one is for you! Sammi here, bringing you exciting news from our local Chicago music scene. If you like electronic pop music, you’re going to love what I have in store for you.

More Dance than Dinner Soiree Comes Alive with Chicago’s best Local Performers to Benefit the Chicago Academy of Music!

Growing up my best memories were the ones sitting with my grandpa and listening to Jazz and Big Band music. The appreciation for the way all of the individual instruments could mesh as one to create something so special as an emotional groove was something I will never forget. This music appreciation from a young age was so influential in my life, from my high school music programs, professional dancing career, night club djing, and of course my radio career. That is why The Chicago Academy of Music really caught my attention as something I wanted to be involved with.
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Behind the Scenes with Billy Dec – 5 Radio Shows, a Live TV Show on ABC & a PSA all in 5 hours!

I woke up at 5am this morning for a BIG press day with Billy. We had to do 5 radio shows, a live tv show & a PSA all in 5 hours when he literally just stepped off a plane from France, Hungary, and Austria 12 hours prior. When he initially told me about how much press he wanted to do BEFORE he was live on Windy City Live- I thought it was absurd, but in all the time I have known him, I can say he pushes himself to work beyond what most people think is feasible. The main purpose behind all this press was to talk about two events that are the very important to him to support art & theatre in Chicago & raise scholarships for kids - The Madhatter's Ball & The Piven Theatre Gala.
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Chicago's Laura Baron on VH1's "You're Cut Off!"

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip join kiss fm, time out magazine, vh1 & the rockit ranch crew for a crazy kickoff to tonight’s blackhawks game six of the Stanley cup...
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My radio reel is very Chicago!

I was recently asked out of no where by two different contacts to hear my voice on radio… so put this lil mix together of some past radio interviews I did… and thought I would share w/you all because it...
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Cubs Opener Party Monday! Wrigleyville will be NUTS!

It’s a party every summer in wrigleyville, but w/new owners of the cubs, not having the best weather last year, and it being our 1st cubs opening day celebration at the new rockit Wrigley, I get the feeling...