Playing a Chicago Cop in FX Pilot “Powers” makes me more thankful. By Billy Dec

When I am not working with my Rockit Ranch family to deliver the best in food & fun at our establishments, I love working to entertain people on TV, Movies, here on my blog & any other way that I hope makes people happy as well (my reel). Most of the time it's on my weekly segment Thursdays 9a on ABC TV's Windy City Live, but I also like auditioning for parts in movies and tv shows that are in town filming, like this one for FX's newest pilot "Powers" where I play a Chicago cop.

Let Nike Know How You #OWNCHICAGO!

Do you run this city? As in, do you spend countless miles on the lakefront path, either training for the marathon or running to work? Do you spend hours on the basketball court, practicing your skills? Each person plays an integral role in this city and Niketown wants to honor these individuals that #ownchicago.

Rockit Ranch Productions and win 4 Telly Awards with Billy Dec Avatar Social Media Anniversary Benefit Video!

What if my avatar literally came to life and spoke to people about a gigantic party to celebrate his 2nd birthday as the "person" behind all my social media platforms (facebook, twitter, blog..) that had been communicating with tens of thousands of people with similar interests for the last 2 years? And what if he explained in a really fun way that this huge party would benefit one of our favorite philanthropic missions, feeding people in need. Well, that was the crazy idea we came up with at Rockit Ranch Productions 6 months ago when we produced the attached video- we just never thought we would actually win awards for it!!??!
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Lollapalooza parties w/Rock the vote & more!

every year, people, performers, celebs,.. around the world come to the great city of chicago (and our venues, see video above!) to enjoy the best musical talent around at lollapalooza! this year, i’m happy...
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Blackhawks, Stanley Cup, Cubs vs Sox…Chicago Celebration Pics!

Crazy weekend from Blackhawks to Cubs/Sox… and as you know, I always try to share the chicago behind the scenes here… so enjoy a quick look at some of my pics… from pre-parade celebration last Thursday night that all started at rockit.. until 5a yesterday morning!