A Chicago Thing Two Year Anniversary Party Photos

aChicagoThing.com 2 Year Anniversary pictures are in! Take a look to see all the fun- & thank you off for the support and help to raise money for the Greater Chicago Food Depository!
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How the heck did Billy Dec win an Emmy?!

Haha- someone just asked me that on twitter- so thought I would share the mini piece that won it for me (click here) and let all know that nominations for this year's emmy awards are this tuesday and you may...
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muscle milk event w/chicago cubs ryan dempster tonite!

My friends on facebook & twitter always get mad when they miss a player or celeb hanging out at rockit Wrigley after a game so I am giving you all heads up now!  One of my favorite chicago cubs players...
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Blackhawks, Stanley Cup, Cubs vs Sox…Chicago Celebration Pics!

Crazy weekend from Blackhawks to Cubs/Sox… and as you know, I always try to share the chicago behind the scenes here… so enjoy a quick look at some of my pics… from pre-parade celebration last Thursday night that all started at rockit.. until 5a yesterday morning!