Celebrate 41 Years Of The Hit Show “All My Children” With A Tribute To Pine Valley

Having a hard time dealing with the absence of All My Children on ABC? Then buy your ticket to A Tribute to Pine Valley and ask the cast of your favorite soap opera all the questions you’ve been waiting to ask for years! All My Children was an amazing and ground breaking soup opera that was filled with as many characters as there are people on the streets of Chicago, and now's your chance to meet the cast.
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Lt. Dan Band “For The Common Good”

The Fourth of July has just passed but let’s not let the celebration and support for our troops simmer down. There is a new movie out called Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good that has a way of helping us...
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NYFD Running To Remember 9/11 Through Chicago Today!

The New York Fire Department is running cross-country in remembrance of the victims of September 11th. This “tour of duty” started in Los Angeles on August 12 at 8:46am when the first plane struck. They...