Congrats to the 2012 Chicago Bulls’ Luvabulls! From your biggest fan and Judge, Billy Dec

For the last 5 years I have had the extreme honor of being asked to judge the annual auditions for the Luvabulls, the Chicago Bulls dance team that pumps up our awesome players & fans every game! It's actually really tough to choose a final squad from the hundreds who compete for the spot as all are so super talented, cool, positive, energetic and wonderful representations of our great city! Anyway, a bunch of people who follow me on Twitter & Facebook were intrigued and wanted to see more, so here is a random quick video glimpse of what I embrace as one of my favorite, unique, lively.. jobs I take on as a volunteer for one day a year!
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chicago luvabulls tryouts @ united center!

nba chicago bulls' dance troupe / cheerleaders, the infamous chicago luvabulls, are having their annual tryouts this Saturday- and I'm a judge!  (Ya, tough job, but someone had to step up- haha!)  at last...