Chicago Comedians join 2012 Cast of SNL

By now we all know that 3 Chicago-based performers will be in the cast of SNL. They are Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Cecily Strong. Everyone has been writing about how they all are from The Second City, but guess what? They also performed at other Chicago-based comedy clubs. And Bryant, who went to Columbia College, actually worked at all three!

Special Feature in Chicago Social: Best Restaurants, Nightclubs & What’s To Come After 10 Year Anniversary of Rockit Ranch Partners Billy Dec, Brad Young & Arturo Gomez

Everyone grab a Chicago Social! There's a 3 page, 9 photo huge spread on Rockit Ranch Productions' 10 Year Anniversary - with really fun quotes and comment by the partners and friends! Scroll through the pictures for some of the great shots featuring the Stanley Cup, Barbara Streisand, David Beckham and more! - KatieRose Cronin
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Kisses from Conan in Chicago!

If follow me on twitter you saw all my pics last night from the chicago theatre “pit” where I was just feet from the stage where conan o’brien was performing live! This pic of him licking labamba’s...
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Cubs Opener Party Monday! Wrigleyville will be NUTS!

It’s a party every summer in wrigleyville, but w/new owners of the cubs, not having the best weather last year, and it being our 1st cubs opening day celebration at the new rockit Wrigley, I get the feeling...
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Rockit Billboard Social Media Campaign

Rockit Billboard Campaign from A Chicago Thing on Vimeo. Having grown up in the city looking at these billboards everday of my life, I certainly never thought I would have anything to do w/ one myself!...
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Heating up Chicago w/ Grandma's Goulash!

Chicago is a family loving melting pot!  And I love when that melting pot is shared to bring warmth to all of us… with that, I really enjoyed this story in the chicago suntimes today featuring my chef’s...