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Spring is here and our city is filling up with bar crawls, foodie tours and wine tastings. For those who would rather get their caffeine fix, pay attention because this event is designed just for YOU! The Caffentures present the first-ever coffee crawl/workshop in the history of Chicago—the Blue Line Coffee Crawl.

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The tour will take you through Logan Square, Buck Town and Wicker Park to visit three local coffee shops. While tasting premium coffee you will be able to learn the lingo and immerse yourself into the culture and explore the art of this popular phenomenon.

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The adventure begins at the first coffee shop destination, Gaslight Coffee Roasters in Logan Square, who share a space with Half-Wit Coffee Roasters. You will be able to experience up to three coffees at its pourover bar (way of brewing coffee), espresso from its Strada machine and charcuterie (cold cooked meats) plates! You will have these fancy shmanshy terms down by the end of the tour, I promise! You will then, hop on the blue line and travel to Ipsento Coffee and taste their fair trade drinks. Here you will learn about different processing methods, specifically how Ipsento sources their coffee from Panama farm. The tour will end in Wicker Park at Caffe Streets where you can experience different brewing options including the only cold-brew tower in a Chicago retail space! While your there be sure to pick up bags of coffee from around the country.

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After the tour you will feel like jumping into the barista’s shoes and trying new techniques in your own home! But, if you coffee lovers have another urge for the adventure, they will take place every third Saturday and tickets are only $30. If you want to try more local coffee shops, the Caffentures has also added different tours including the Red Line Coffee Crawl and the Brown Line Coffee Crawl. For more information check out the Caffentures.

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