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In the nearly twelve years I’ve lived in Chicago, one thing has become delightfully apparent: I will never run out of new restaurants in the city to try. As a food enthusiast, this is one of my favorite aspects of living here. My name is Andy Metz. I’m a local musician, and the longer I’ve lived in Chicago, the longer I’ve realized the same can be said about the bevy of music venues there are to experience.


I’ve been fortunate enough to play and see shows at epic venues like The Metro on numerous occasions, but still have yet to check out Thalia Hall. I’ve loved being a part of crazy rock shows at bars like the Elbo Room and Tonic Room, but would love to rock out at Throne Room as well. As an acoustic artist, I don’t know of many better listening rooms than Uncommon Ground on Clark, but how can I say that for sure when I still haven’t been to Cafe Mustache?

These venues, and the fine people that work at them, form who we are as musicians in Chicago. The various open mics and shows I’ve attended and played at have certainly shaped the songs on my new album, Delusions, which I wrote over the course of seven years as I began finding my voice as an artist in this great city.

As Chicagoans, we are lucky to get the opportunity to live in a city that provides us this many options to expose ourselves to new songwriters, new hip hop groups and new rock bands. Now we just need to go out and listen!

You can stream and purchase my new album, Delusions, at and come see me perform live at Tonic Room on Monday, January 25th for a free acoustic show with several other great Chicago songwriters.

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