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How can Chicago retain its position at the forefront of arts appreciation? Is there a new way to let anyone in the world create art that is seen by millions? Can a piece of Chicago’s infrastructure be the catalyst for a public art revolution?

Yes, and you can be a part of it. 


The Wabash Lights is a light installation on the underside of the Wabash Avenue elevated train tracks in Chicago’s loop. This proposed work will transform an iconic piece of Chicago’s infrastructure into a canvas for a dynamic, interactive experience, serving as a catalyst for a re-energized Wabash Avenue.

The Wabash Lights 01 PRINT[1]

Public art is supposed to be for everyone, but is usually paid for by a few and created by one – we want to change that.

At the center of our project is public engagement. Anyone in the world will be able to design what the lights do and what they look like through an interactive website or app. The project is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to let you (anyone, everyone!) decide if it should happen.

The Kickstarter rewards are designed to find ways to get people involved in the creative process. Check out the project page on Kickstarter and learn how you can help change public art forever.

We are excited by the opportunity to involve everyone in the public art process!

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