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Greetings, Chicago! Summer is alive and radiating in our city! I’m Rich Klevgard, the singer songwriter for These Peaches, and I’ve been in Chicago since before Wicker Park exploded!

We are playing live at Martyrs’ on Wednesday, June 29 at 10PM…and our gig poster was designed by friend and former Chicago resident Frank Ford.


If this is going to be the summer of fun, I definitely encourage everyone to find someone to collaborate with. Working with Frank Ford to build a new set of electric images for my album in the works was crazy good. Strong, vibrant conversations about design, influences, favorite Chicago spots; being on the stage; making a record; all super cool stuff!

Speaking of collaborations, we made a nice Summertime video for you all. It’s a splash of coolness like the waves off Lake Michigan! Directed by Chicagoan (now LA) actor/director Sonny Valicenti with great animated fonts by THIRST: 

Lastly, enjoy my debut album, Almost Heard the Ocean! It’s on iTunes, but you can stream it from especially neat places like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud and BandCamp! 

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