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Now that we are upon the last day of 2010, I thought it would be fun to look back and show you which of my blog posts people enjoyed / visited the most this year… I appreciate your friendship & support, and wish you the very best in the year to come!

“billy dec eating human breast milk cheese on nbc’s today show with kathie lee & hoda” (
i always get asked what’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten. this year i can say it¹s human breast milk cheese thanks to kathie lee and hoda of nbc’s today show! It tasted like onions & warm sweat!

“blackhawks, stanley cup, cubs vs sox.. chicago celebration pics!” (
the biggest celebration in chicago this year came courtesy of the chicago blackhawks championship win!many of you couldn’t get enough of the partying. It was the most viewed blog post this year!

“Speaker at restaurant, hotel-motel & international wine, spirits & beer show!” (
i am honored that for a second year in a row the national restaurant association has asked me to be on the panel and this year even create my own panel! thanks to richard roeper, alapana singh, and steve dolinsky for sharing their knowledge on “learn how to leverage your product or brand through personal relationships, traditional media, social networking & celebrity!”

“my cameo on ‘the hills’ because of chicago!” (
i guess many of you are fans of the reality show “the hills” with brody jenner and kristin cavallari. i was able to meet up with them for the superbowl, but had no idea they were filming for the show, and many of you saw of me!

“i’m great white shark cage diving in south africa! check this video!” (
this summer i took a trip to south africa and of all the things i got to do, the craziest was being submerged in a cage and being surrounded by great white sharks! Freaky- but awesome

“kate walsh & billy dec recipients of this year’s piven workshop arts, theatre & commnunity awards” (
as a huge supporter of the arts, theatre, and cultural, i am honored that the piven theatre awarded kate walsh with the artistic excellence award and me the community leadership award this year.

“25th anniversary party for 85 bears & the superbowl shuffle!” (
it’s been 25 years since the bears have won the superbowl, so far with an 11-4 season, think this may be the year for another win? how cool would it be to see cutler, urlacher, and hester in a remake of the superbowl shuffle?

“bachelorette jillian harris & billy dec tweetnmeet fundraiser party to benefit haiti” (
back in january a huge earthquake hit haiti. it was the biggest natural disaster this year. i quickly jumped on board with my buddy jillian harris and turned our tweetnmeet party into a fundraiser to help raise money for the earthquake victims.

“Academy Awards in Chicago!” (
there are only 51 “official” academy award parties and chicago has been hosting one of them for the past 16 years. The academy award statutes are also made right here in Chicago!

“glee cast loves chicago food!” (
the coolest show and cast on tv stopped by sunda while in town for their sold out concert. not only is the cast of glee super talented but they are also super nice!

“shia labeof, michael bay and transformers 3 filming in chicago!” (
hollywood made an appearance in chicago this year. from the filming of transformers 3, the dilemma, contagion, shakey, one small hitch, and the chicago code; we had big name celebrities and movie magic right in our backyards!

“david schwimmer’s ‘trust’ w/ clive owen, catherine keener, viola davis at the chicago film festival!” (
my good friend david schwimmer directed a play earlier this year at the lookingglass theatre called “trust.” it is a story about an internet predator’s effect on a young victim and her family. later in the year schwimmer premiered a movie version of “trust” at the chicago international film festival and toronto film festival.

“fighting illini v. northwestern wildcats football at wrigley field!” (
40 years ago was the last time a football game was played at wrigley field. i was super excited to hear that my alma mater, the fighting illini would be playing against the northwestern wildcats, and even more excited when they won!

“jennifer hudson’s (american idol, dreamgirls..) holiday toy drive at navy pier!” (
just last week, i was with jennifer hudson at navy pier helping hand out toys to hundreds of kids. got to hear her sing, and wow, what an incredible voice she has! and also got to check out the winterwonder fest going on at navy pier.

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