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Hey readers, it’s Matt Hensler, Director, Social Media for Skinny Socials & Kb Fitness Solutions!

After a night of dining out and hitting the clubs, you might feel like you’ve gained 10 pounds. Worry no longer, because parties should be fun, not fattening, Skinny Socials’ philosophy!

Skinny Socials, founded by Karen Bobos in 2012, is Chicago’s go-to-guide for a healthy, fun lifestyle. features Certified Hot Spots, Specials and a blog, The Skinny. Skinny Socials also hosts public networking events throughout the year and provides private parties, for business or social events. The team consists of personal trainers and registered dietitians from its sister company, Kb Fitness Solutions, which offers personal training and a variety of indoor & outdoor fitness programs, like Kb Fit Beach and Fit Chicks, starting at the end of the month.

The first Certified Hot Spot is Vertigo Sky Lounge, which is hosting Skinny Socials’ first Mini Skinny, sponsored by Grey Goose. The event is on Thursday, April 19th, 5:30-7:30pm and includes drink tickets for featured Skinny Social Certified Cocktails and a chance to taste Skinny Social certified food presented by Argent, the brand new restaurant located at the dana Hotel & Spa.

See how you can enter to win tickets through Deals Magazine

Matt Hensler

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