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We now have the most epic preparty combo ever in chicago this Friday at rockit wrigley! our cubs vs white sox “crosstown classic” kickoff party is now adding b96 radio “stylz & roman” broadcasting live from inside rockit wrigley from 10a-2p (fyi, last time we joined forces the party was over the top!)… and we now have a couple Victoria’s secret pink supermodels joining the party as well as they stop into chicago to promote the new cubs/sox pink gear that rocks! Doors open 9am as we are also showing world cup kickoff… everyone is invited!

And, just to share in the fun as I always do, I am giving one twitter follower or facebook friend a chance to be my personal guest from the time we eat, drink, hang w/ the Victoria’s secret supermodels & b96 at rockit Wrigley for the big preparty… all the way through sitting front row at the cubs vs sox game with me as I got you a ticket!!!! All you have to do is tweet me or post on my page, the craziest pickup line you’ve ever heard (as suggested by a twitter follower) and include in that message, to follow me/friend my page…I will pick the best one by midnight tomorrow/Thursday! Better hurry!

Read more for contest specifics, cross town classic history and new victoria’s secret pink line….

About Contest : Tweet me (@BD) or Post on my Facebook Page the craziest pickup line you have ever heard – in that message, you must include a note to follow me/fan my page. You must be 21 years of age or older to enter.

About Crosstown Classic : the cubs-sox rivalry first dates back to the founding of the american league in 1900. it is believed that when charles comiskey moved his saint pauls saints minor league franchise to chicago, the cubs owner was not too happy and filed a suit against comiskey. after long talks, the team was told that they could play, but only south of 35th street & only if they did not use “chicago” in their name. the team was name the “white stockings” which was the original name of the cubs from 1876 to 1889. this immediately brewed up animosity between the teams.

the cubs-sox rivalry is as strong as ever & more apparent than ever at the stadium when you see mass crowds of blue or black. its crazy that time magazine reported that 36% of cubs fans were actually rooting against the white sox during the 2005 world series! even president obama, an avid white sox fan, takes part in the rivalry! when the yankees visited the white house in 2009 in honor of the world series championship, obama said, ““it’s been 9 years since your last title – which must have felt like an eternity for yankee fans. i think other teams would be just fine with a spell like that. the cubs, for example.”” regardless if you’re cubs or sox- the games are always fun & the chicago crowds are the best!

About Victoria’s Secret Pink : the victoria secret supermodels will be celebrating the launch of the new VS Pink major league baseball & will have a pop up show outside rockit wrigley. the victoria’s secret pink line is a fun lifestyle collection for young women. to learn more about the exclusive vs pink mlb visit

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  1. woos22

    Here’s your best pick up line, Billy:

    Wanna help me with MY 7th inning stretch?

    It works!


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