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The Arrival from Fig Media on Vimeo.

if you follow me on facebook & twitter, you know I’m sitting in my trailer for fox’s “chicago code” waiting for makeup & wardrobe, before i deliver my lines in the scene I’m in today! as I look out from my trailer window, I see a very cold lake Michigan nearby, which reminds me of a killer video (above) I just saw, that I thought I’d share with you real quick!

It’s about the race to mackinac, hosted by the prestigious chicago yacht club for the last 100 years, known as the oldest annual freshwater distance race in the world. it starts off at the chicago lighthouse, just off navy pier, and ends 333 miles later at mackinac island. I particularly love how fig media & local artists captured the beauty, energy, spirit.. of the lake, race, city, skyline… chicago!

Speaking of my peeps at fig media, they are showing five cutting-edge short films tmrw 12/15 at the legendary Music Box Theatre (3733 north southport) from 7:00-9:00PM. You must check it! Alright, enough day dreaming for me though, off to break a leg! (will show some behind the scene clips of my scene shooting here on my blog later this week hopefully- stay tuned!)

the chicago yacht club was formed in 1875, and is one of the oldest and most respected yacht clubs in the world. their mission is “to find a better way to attract more boats, more sailors, and to organize better races and other yachting events.  the members of the yacht club share a passion for yachting and attract a diverse group of people from all different backgrounds.

not only are they the host of “the mac,” but they also sponsor over 100 races and other yachting activities, as well as hosting a variety of social events and celebrations all year round. this year the chicago yacht club created a short documentary entitled the arrival, which follows some of the most talented and passionate sailors as they set sail on this journey to test their strength, endurance, strategy and willpower. can’t  get on a yacht anytime soon? or just wishing for warmer weather right about now? watch this video, it’s the next best thing! can’t wait for next summer to welcome them all back to chicago!

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  1. James gustin

    Thanks for celebrating us Billy. Coolest thing about the Mackinaw is the men and women that make it happen. This is a massive movement of love and work and craft and team and determination. Each captain sailor and planner goes all out for this event making it inspiring and compelling. Also! Big shout out to our client and risk taking leadership at Veuve Cliquot led by Anna Kimball…she turned a couple hours of videography in to a full blown short form documentary. Go team!


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