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There is a school of thought held by many editors that two people writing an article is impossible. We assured Billy that would not be the case. We are accustomed to finishing each others sentences. Most get the hang of it. Those that don’t? Not our problem really.

We have shared SO many inexplicably fun times together. Planned SO many fun events together. I’m often grateful we both have all of our vital organs in tact. SO true. For those of you who don’t know us; think AB FAB the wildly successful BBC television show about two best friends.

TRUE! We would definitely have used the Olympic torch to light our ciggy treats back in the day! Actually one of us would have held both of our martinis while the other one lit both cigarettes being careful not to have their heavily Aqua Netted hair explode into a million stars. The sparks would then fly into our big gulp vodkas and we both go up in a blaze of glory! That’s True Friendship.

That story would make an excellent Valentines card. Valentines Day, that’s why we are here. Billy Dec and Rockit Ranch Productions have asked us to invite everyone to our Valentine event. OMgosh! Remember when we first saw Billy? We were at world famous photographer and Chicago icon Victor Skrebneski’s studio. You were gazing around the room at Victor’s photo’s. When suddenly you scream WHO IS THAT?! Victor said very matter -of-factly, “oh, that’s Billy Dec.” We translated that to mean the HOTTEST man on earth. You tried to convince Victor to give you a copy, remember? Too funny! I think the best part of the story is that when we actually met Billy several months later he was as incredibly sweet as he is handsome. Cheers to that!

We do hope you will join us at 6:00 p.m. at The historic Murphy Auditorium on Valentine’s Day Thursday, February 14, 2013 for “What Is This Thing Called Love.”  A concert performance to benefit The Joffrey Ballet  Starring singing sensation Shelley MacArthur and special guests Rodrick Dixon and Alfreda Burke with The City Lights Orchestra conducted by Rich Daniels. 

Tickets for this extraordinary evening include unlimited open bar, free flowing champagne, a spectacular raw bar crafted by by Fortune Fish, Chef Charles Trotter inspired small plates, desserts of unlimited description, chocolates by Vosges, glamourous decor by Bill Heffernan, and Shelley MacArthur’s miraculous show. I actually cried five times during rehearsal Monday. So incredibly moving, she is amazing!

It seems like every Valentine’s Day there is a snow storm or everything is over crowded and crazy expensive. WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE will satisfy on every level. We can say that because everything we do is absolutely fabulous! Cheers to that my friend we’ve earned it. For tickets and more information  click here!

Hope to see you there!

With Love and Gratitude-

 Shauna Montgomery and Whitney Lasky

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