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You all remember anna from “my girl” back in the day… she also has been on a ton of shows lately like “30 rock” to landing a cool new gig w/ bbc films called “in the loop” w/ james gandolfini… but I think she is cool because of her positive energy and excitement she shows for her hometown of chicago!  I also think it’s pretty cool that she went to university of chicago, one of the hardest schools in the country.

Speaking of education, If know me, you know I always preach about the importance of educating ourselves constantly and continually.  You may also know how passionately I feel about learning social media & interactive marketing, just read my blog about it last week.  Well, with that I got some of my readers 20 tix for “the chicago tech expo” on oct 1st, which is a great way for managers, business owners, staff… to learn the latest in technology from over one thousand local business owners there to help.

I know it will be great because the organization behind it, the Dept. of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection, has been very passionate about the initiative, and has worked very hard on the event.  I have watched the work go into it as I have been volunteering as co-chair of their Education, Communications & Technology Committee on their Hospitality Industry Advisory Group, in effort to give back and share what I have learned over the years… and it is very obvious to me that they are very committed to helping.

Anyway, the tix are on me for those who best comment below about why they need to be at this event, and share which celebrity olympic video has been their absolute favorite. we will pick 20 winners by next weds to each take a ticket on me, to go, learn, explore & enjoy!!!!!  (and make sure you hit me on twitter and/or facebook to let me know how it went!)  For more information, details & reasons why you should attend, visit

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  1. Kevin

    Being in the Chicago industry it is always great to keep a cutting edge and keep things fresh and new. So this would be a great opportunity for a young business man like myself.

  2. Tim

    I’d love to go check this out, we’re still a new small business and we’re almost entirely web-based!

  3. Robert Gray

    Love to going to events that one can learn and grow. This would be great to help learn how to grow my business. My favorite video so far is Common or Luvabulls!


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