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just heard ben & ben just got dropped from the show! dang, too bad, such good guys….glad disney took some responsibility for their role backing my boys as professionals fulfilling their direction. in honor of their contribution & efforts, i’m still honored to post this. i think they rock & had great things to say about our city & country that must be shared! 

i also am excited about this interview because “at the movies” is and always will be “a chicago institution” as ben says here, from the first days of the great gene siskel, and my man roger ebert! which by the way, i enjoyed having dinner with his wife chaz ebert a couple nights ago and she was telling me roger has a great new show in the works….congrats ebert family! i can’t wait to see it! 

remember all, how can you show your love for the chi (& the usa as a whole?) take one minute today to tell all your friends and contacts by email, twitter, facebook, phone calls, whatever….& ask all to listen to these wonderful personalities share their stories so the rest of the world knows how great our city (& country) is and how much we want to share & strengthen friendships with the rest of the world! don’t forget, i am posting one new celeb interview per day here until the oct 2nd announcement that chicago (& the usa) will be the home of the 2016 olympics! so keep checking out who’s next! thx and….best of luck to all!

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