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“Star Wars” isn’t the only new museum coming to town. Last Monday, our team launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to open Foodseum, Chicago’s first food museum!


Over the summer we were thrilled to host mini-exhibits at a number of Chicago’s amazing events and festivals, generating some exciting buzz. With your support, this campaign will take Foodseum to the next level, enabling us to open our first temporary exhibit space in the summer of 2015.

foodeum 2

In true Chicago style, our first exhibit will dive into “The Hot Dog and Encased Meat of the World.” Inside the exhibit visitors use all five senses as they learn about the history, evolution, people, farm-to-table process and international uses of encased meats.

foodseum 3

Over next couple years we plan to continue to open temporary pop-up exhibits, each diving into a specific food type (others could be cheese, chocolate, or bread) with the goal of gaining enough momentum to open a permanent space in 2017.

foodseum 4

Our overall mission as a nonprofit education-based museum is to help you find your passion for food! Working with many of Chicago’s great museums and institutions, we’ve gathered some of the most talented experience designers in the city to create an interactive fun learning experience for anyone to learn about, celebrate and be inspired by food.

foodseum 5

We need your help to make this delicious experience a reality for all of Chicago to enjoy. Please donate to our Kickstarter and help #buildfoodseum!

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