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Create the best late night Bar/Restaurant! Rockit Ranch bought Martini Ranch. You choose the concept Chicago! (update by Billy Dec)

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UPDATE 10/19/12- THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! The most voted for concept for our next venue was a play on a “Mexican Dive Bar” at 39% of the votes- so as of right now, we will proceed now in that direction!!!!! Please help us spread the word to hire the best staff for this project, and for positions available at our other Restaurants/Bars/Nightclubs…at our Open Call for Jobs this Monday 10/22/12 from 2p-530p at Rockit Bar & Grill (22 W. Hubbard). See: & email for info.

Thank you all so much for your valuable input! More to come!***

Surprise!  We found a unique opportunity and bought Martini Ranch!  Not only is it one of the few 4am licenses left in the city, and walking distance from our other River North properties Sunda, Dragon Ranch, Underground & Rockit, but tons of Chicagoans from all over (like my partners Brad Young, Arturo Gomez & I) have meaningful history enjoying this local gem w/friends for the last 20+ years! Haha- I even was a bouncer there when I was 21!

So… now what? What should we do with it?  We figured you all have been so critical to our success with your insightful & caring suggestions on what we can  do to serve you better, that we thought we’d let you have a say too! We’d probably open it around the new year, just in time to send our late night crowd & employees there from Underground, while we give UG a fresh new look during the slower winter months of 2013. Which means we need to know what route to take now! 

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We will tally all votes and announce our decision in early October!  Thanks all and spread the word to all your friends via Twitter, Facebook, email (please use share buttons here too).. we want to hear what they think too!

AND since we are growing- WE ARE HIRING! Positions include experienced Servers, Bartenders, Managers, Hosts, Security, Cooks, Sous Chefs, Mixologists… At Rockit, Sunda, Underground, Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ and whatever this new concept will be! Email if interested!


  1. Ivy Israel says:

    Make it a “members only” bar and have a 30 year minimum age to get in. Give the older crowd that hasn’t grown up a stomping ground. ;-)

  2. Katherine Dabrowski says:

    I’d go with a high end looking sports bar and serve Tapas….along the spanish theme

  3. brenda kalas says:

    Tacos are great anytime of the day. Maybe have breakfast tacos for the early morning hours and even dessert tacos for mid evening snacks. Makr your own with many different supplies. Sounds like somewhere I would go.

  4. michael drew says:

    Check out Frank&Steins in Orlando. Perfect and nothing like it here in Chicago.

  5. timmyblog says:

    I second the Star Wars Cantina.

  6. ChefTeeRoy says:

    I think you mix it up w/ a dive bar feel, fun music & healthy late night eating choices – Everyone loves a late night snack while partying, but lets take it to a healthier choice, fun old school beers and drinks from the past… We all had fun their back in our 20′s… Of course mix in some martinis too – I WILL BE YOUR CHEF -

  7. Ashley says:

    Do an upscale take on Karaoke! All of the karaoke bars are totally nasty around here. You can have a high-end place/lounge that does competitions and such on a fun stage that would also be great for concerts, small local fashion shows, etc. Multi-purpose! If you want to serve some tacos too, fun!

  8. CA says:

    It can go a few ways. Either just leave it as a dive and cater to the crowd that would already be there. (not recommended, woof). Go local sausage house, hearty beers/dark liquors. Fresh baked good wrapped around local sausages always go great with a 4am license. Or you’d have to go full revamp and go English with it. Canary Wharf style with deep reds, dark woods, like Burberry come to life at a venue. I’ve also always wanted to see a venue that catered to a Monaco style, I don’t think Martini Ranch is the venue for that, but in the future, a spot that televised Yachting, F-1, Moto GP, Rolex Series Racing, Cricket, Rugby, and had that Riviera/Monaco vibe to it. A lot of natural light, vibrant, etc would be awesome. Get that mixed Euro/S.A. sport vibe up and running, especially before the World Cup.

  9. Dave Straub says:

    Here’s what you should do…a live music venue with some bowling lanes and upscale mexican/taco style menu with late night/affordable prices with an “upscale” dive sort of feel. Folks could eat, bowl and hear great music until 4 (5) AM, The live music goes until about 2 TH-SAT and then have a LIVE BAND KARAOKE and OPEN MIC DJ’s on certain nights which would be for the late night crowd.

  10. julie g. says:

    Use a Social Club theme and serve mini cuban-type sandwiches, music, etc.

  11. Pam says:

    I would love an after hour lounge with easy live music good top shelf liquor and all your top sellers for food a fusion rockit bar. Love it!

  12. Patti says:

    Chicago needs a mid to upscale, late night, latin fusion bar/restaurant that caters to the 30-50 crowd. We have the money to spend but not really a place to hang out, drink great cocktails, and have hors d’oevres or mnuchies. We are too mature to hang out with the 20 somethings and aren’t that old that we want to be around the 60 and over crowd. I hope I don’t sound ageist. I consider myself a young 43 year old.

    • Dan McReavy says:

      There needs to be a place for the professionals to move after Tavern On Rush. That’s the only spot in Chicago that is truly busy every night of the week, all year long! That’s the target market and you know they spend.

    • Dean Sinadinoski says:

      I think Chicago’s nightlife is way to safe. It used to be bottle service spots everywhere. Now its Gastro pubs until the new trend hits the town. Maybe its time to try something different…may be more risky and it is very understandable if you dont want to take a huge risk in a business venture. Back in the day when clubs an dlounges were popping up the imagination and ecentricness of these place was something special. GEt weird with the spot, make it the place were everyone comes and let’s go. I dont know what that exactly is and if I did I probably wouldn’t post it on here anyway. I think Chicago is missing the places that dont make it as an elete party city.

  13. Dominic says:

    Should do a new York style dive bar/ lounge …

  14. Julie Anderson says:

    I would like to see you create a concept that reflects the immediate locale, so that would be something urban, something to do with the El, and something about Design and perhaps Art, playing off the businesses there in River North. a second idea: I also LOVE that the Abraham Lincoln Bookstore is right up the block to the west. This was Lincoln’s town, next to Springfield, he was here more than 100 times in his life. The decor for that is urban history chic and the food is created around that.

  15. David says:

    Have some focus on scotch and whiskey, bring in leather chairs and bookcases and fireplaces. Make it a classy joint and hire a couple experts in the field of Scotch. It’s making a comeback…Food could be a focus on game meats (similar to a Frontier).

  16. Bonnie Himmelblau says:

    Give it a Space theme. Have signature drinks or standard drinks with a spin with space or planet names, such as Galactic Grasshopper, Intergalactic Irish Coffee, etc. Decorate the walls and outside with space stuff, etc. You get the idea.

  17. Anand Reddy says:

    Boss Bar meets Big Star…Boom

  18. joe pancer says:

    Do the country thing…huge business…for food do it like pink taco in hard rock lv.

  19. sonia says:

    A dessert bar :)

  20. Sindhiguy says:

    Indian/Middle Eastern small plates snacks concept. If you need help let me know we own Tiffin the Indian Kitchen on Devon Avenue.

  21. B. Lozano says:

    I like the idea that several others mentioned in making this a venue for the older crowd, lets say 30+. You don’t realize it, until you get to that age, that you can’t and don’t want to do the whole crowded club/bar scene on a regular. Don’ get me wrong, I love UG and your other venues but sometimes the long lines, crowds and young, drunks- get to be much. A taco joint a la Big Star/dive bar with a dance floor would be awesome and a much needed refuge from all the other nightlife Chi-town has to offer!

  22. Ann Yourell says:

    Check out Dos Gringos in Arizona for ideas. This was my favorite bar in College and it is the Mexican Dive Bar concept. Coronas were $2 all day/everyday, food was awesome, and it was packed all the time.

    They tried this is Wrigleyville but it didn’t work. Too small!

  23. Stefan says:

    A bar for everyone and anyone that has a local feel.

  24. Stacy Lymber says:

    The idea is an ode to the ethnic Chicago neighborhoods with a menu in “food truck” style. Street food done like only you can. You can include the tacos and more….Italian, Greek, Polish, German, etc. Keep the menu simple, 2 items per ethnic neighborhood, smaller portions like a food truck and the flavors clean, simple but authentic in flavor. You can do the same with the liquor menu as well. Pair the liquor and food menu.

  25. pyngthyngs says:

    How about an homage to the Illinois & Chicago political legacy – maybe even a speakeasy theme.

  26. Charles yamabe says:

    Why does it have to be a Mexican dive bar? Why can’t it be a dive bar that serves awesome tacos? Kind of like a SATCO but with a dive bar feel.

  27. Benton Arnold says:

    KGB or Kremlin. A vodka bar with vodka sorted by country. Ice frosted bar (or a stripe of it). Fireplaces and lots of red.

  28. The concept should have be a rock Bar. The only other Rock bar in Chicago at the moment is eXit. Do ROCK ‘N TACKO ! Kind of like a Dusk ‘Till Dawn theme. Specialize in Tequilas and Whisky and Imported BEERS. Especially Mexican BEERS. Offer Amazing Tacos like Arturo wanted. Keep it DARK and throw a Juke Box in there, while DJ’s are not rocking the late night scene out. You may even occasionally see a Salma Hayek look alike with a python on her neck. =)

  29. Ggailww says:

    I suggest a trucker-themed bar called “Overdrive” It can serve americana appetizers such meatloaf sandwich sliders w/ a modern twist.

  30. Prohibition, speakeasy, taco and sushi bbq joint, with live dj and Hawaiian slushie farm to table food and cocktails with a casual fine dining non-exclusive aristocratic rooftop setting. or just ask the Melman’s and they’ll concept it for you without using the name ranch.

  31. john w says:

    I’d make it a cross between cafe bababreeba and rockit

  32. Gina Michelle says:

    Why is know one suggesting the obvious? Rock out the MARTINI RANCH! SUPER ROCKIT SEXY MARTINI RANCH.

    First of all, it’s always rad to give props to the history of a space, especially this institution.

    Secondly, we really don’t have a sexy martini bar here in Chicago. I venture to say you’ll have every cutting edge spirit fighting for a spot on your craft martini list which pairs perfectly with desserts or small plates but—come to think of it, does anyone do late night steak besides Bijon? You can do a killer (but small and exclusive) wine list with maybe a seasonal flight, scotch list, absinthe dispensers… Plus this is perfect for the big chunky leather chairs (or booths) like a few others suggested. Add some thick sexy velvet window treatments and amber chandaliers, kickass wallpaper and a vintage pool table. Heat up a cigar room/library/man den vibe with a woman’s touch. Exclusive, sexy, old Hollywood scene.

    Most importantly, the music. Nothing kills a vibe like the wrong music with your martini. I’m talking classic soul, funk, old school sexy time music. Go home and make yourself some babies–that kind of music. Maybe a 3 piece in the corner. Not a ton of classic nightly *know what you’re getting* jazz in the city outside of Green Mill…

    Anyway, good luck whatever you decide. Thanks for the daydream. This was fun. Rock on.

  33. Susan says:

    I am totally in agreement with the Karaoke idea!!!

  34. PatFMcCall says:

    A taco joint in that area would do well because of where it is located in relation to all of the nightclubs in that area. Plus people like tacos/latin food after they have been drinking. You will also be able to offer up great cocktails and a quick meal which will get you your early business before people head out. Go for a mercadito tequila selection and cocktail menu with late night small plates and you will have something. Your biggest competition will be the Melman’s tiki bar underneath Bub City if they serve food.

  35. doing both makes it 2x the #fun :)

  36. Jillian says:

    Think, Japanese sports bar, meets tapas! You’ve seen them on “No Reservations,” and possibly in real life. Not only does it have sushi, but street vendor inspired snacks from all around! If this doesn’t work for you, maybe I’ll do it myself!

  37. Von Hardy says:

    Putting a taco bar near where another Taco Joint would be like putting a BBQ place next to where LEYE announced a BBQ place.

    You can’t intentionally make a dive bar.

    Don’t worry Billy, whatever you do, the food & drink will be mediocre, bros will still come, and you can laugh all the way to the bank.

  38. Ashley O says:

    Chicago needs a good honky, tonk country bar with live music! Something similar to Tootsies in Nashville- you can design it to “fake” a long history.

  39. Robert says:

    Considering it is a small venue, a spot dedicated to true Industry folk. A sanctuary if you will, for those who work late night and wanna chill, unwind, grab a bite to eat and drink. a menu consisting of a play on words on everyday Industry lingo. Tongue and cheek. Either a jukebox or a down-tempo dj without the “clubbish” & “pretentious” atmosphere. Industry folk know how to spend money, yet would also be very accessible for ALL. Name it for example…Last Call!

  40. linda says:

    A Chicago theme bar.Things that Chciago is know for and can’t get anywhere else.Differamt items all in one place.Items could be new or old school favorites.

  41. Mary says:

    Rumor has it that a taco bar called El Hefe is opening in River North soon. There is nothing wrong with friendly competition, but just a heads up! (Although you probably already knew this info) You should do a play on those high end candy shops like Sugar Factory. Creativity would be key so it doesn’t look like the circus just rolled in, but there could be really cool decor and signature drink names involved!

  42. Terri says:

    You should design the interior exactly like a large kitchen in each corner actually have kitchens set up full with counter tops & cupboards (maybe that don’t open ) appliances that don’t work or open (for safety), islands and tables and chairs and call it “The Kitchen”.

    I’m from the maritimes Halifax NS Canada and this is where everyone ends up partying at house parties. I always said if I could open a bar this is what I would do. I think it’s an awesome idea .

  43. Revae says:

    1950′s mad men-esk jazz lounge, live music, spans a few different age ranges, and give you the ability to bring live acts, dj’s, or just set up a record player/juke box. Classic cocktails, dark rustic but polished feel. A bar you would find Don Draper hanging at. Updated plays on food from that era, composed but gourmet TV dinners, tuna salad, deviled eggs, etc.

  44. Tina Salatino says:

    If you need a bartender I would love the opportunity. Been bartending for 19 yrs. Thank you Billy!

  45. Ashley says:

    A giant sports bar like Real Sports in Toronto. Continue to serve your fabulous food, and there’s room for a few huge screens.

  46. Gavin Coll says:

    I dive bar will also work but what about with an Aussie/Outback theme.

    ala Crocodile Dundee’s outpost!

    Thanks, Good Luck!

  47. Xia says:

    I say do a take on a Korean bar. Pitchers of flavored soju cocktails, fun music, delicious Korean bar food like fried chicken, kimchi fried rice, ramen bowls, etc. I visited a place like this in SF and it was so much fun! I always wished we had more places like that here.

  48. James Frizzell says:

    Record Ranch. Maybe just kidding about the name, but I think a high-concept beer-centric bar/ record store would soar. Think listening stations, booths, open concept. You spin me round like a record. I’ve got more on this…

  49. Mike Wise says:

    How about a Mexican beach (Cabo?) theme to help us forget the cold and snow in the next few months?

  50. Jeremy says:


  51. Vee Edwards says:

    Star Wars replica cantina!

  52. A Mos Eisley, Star Wars themed bar would be amazing and add a factor of being tourist attraction that would bring in people from around the globe. It is close enough to the loop to make it a World class dive bar.

  53. Jeremy says:

    Call it the Cantina – Dive bar/jazz joint with awesome music. Chewbacca Chalupas, Tatooine Tacos, Princess Leia Cinnamon Rolls.

  54. D Kent says:

    Star Wars Cantina theme. A late night license plus a cross section of neighborhoods makes it the logical choice.

  55. Combine the lowkey dive feel with a really good bartender and beer list. Like craft old fashioneds, Delerium, etc. For the connoisseurs who don’t need to impress :)

  56. Kate Pettit says:

    Star Wars Cantina Bar!

  57. Carol Johnson says:

    Make it an old school industry place, an homage to what the Ranch was all about. After work chillax bar crowd melding into an uber cool neighborhood bar evolving into industry hang. With me as GM, xoxox

  58. thekittchen says:

    I live just down the street. If you make it a joint that serves tacos I promise to be there at least twice a week!!!! Thank you for helping to involve my neighborhood!

  59. Mike says:

    Star Wars Cantina

  60. joeyd says:

    STAR WARS CANTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. becca says:


  62. Gene says:

    Another vote for Star Wars Cantina Bar… with tacos and tequila! Although for the tacos I’d like to see them both real Mexican-style AND like the ones at Marg’s Taco Bistro ( in Denver, not like Big Star.

  63. Goose says:

    Southwest style Roadhouse / Biker Bar – Arturo could do his thing accented with PBR, Bud, perhaps a few local craft brews and good tequilla, bourbon, etc.

  64. Nick L says:

    A mexican dive bar, eh? Flash Taco #2?

  65. jennifer says:

    whatever you do you should name it four or “4″

  66. Jason A. says:

    My fave bar in all of Chicago is Richard’s. They sell beer in six pack holders, have the best jukebox in the city and is always a fun time. I’m also really digging the laid back speakeasy feel that several bars in major cities are rocking. It doesn’t have to be the kitschy secret password type, but the underground, we’re not supposed to be here feel is always fun.

  67. John Hague says:

    Piano Bar

  68. Jenny says:

    I think an 70s throwback dive bar would be cool and different. Shag carpets and pleather couches!

  69. Kim Maddox says:

    Hey. Seeing as how you will be wildly successful in your late nite venture, no matter what you do…. How about filling those early hours of 4-9 with something for all of us “older” peeps in the hood? We love a nice live one or two piece musician set along with nice drinks too! We need somewhere to spend our money. Just sayin…

  70. Nicole says:

    Not necessarily “dive” – I prefer the term “neighborhood” bar. I live two blocks away and would love somewhere more chill and without any River North pretension that I could go to any night of the week!

  71. Live music for sure. The tapas/taco thing is a great idea. A good place for a late night light meal, good drinks & good music. Or rotate menu like some places do.

  72. Ed says:

    Many bars in RN are already Whiskey Based, or specialty cocktail based. With a 4am, you dont need food that late to be official restaurant. Make it throwback to chic. Like the original place was and throw a daytime party there on Saturdays during brunch. Think LAVO LV.

  73. Craig says:

    Rockit’s “311″ High tech everything: tv monitors embedded in the floors and on the walls that are wired to tv/nintendo wii, allowing people to choose their entertainment at their tables. Semi-private spaces; video art displays, etc.

  74. Rob Racine says:

    We at VIP Bachelorette would love to send our girls to a place that can really kill on a place with a great sound system for Karaoke Bars. There are a ton of places in the city that attempt and many fail… Keep the dive bar and own it… If you can kill that… It will really show your talent!

  75. Fayth says:

    Rockit Ranch Productions already has the sports bar and suburbanite clubber/cocktail scene covered – both in River North and in Wrigleyville. Sunda & Dragon Ranch are both delicious restaurants. What’s missing in River North is a place like the old Iggy’s on Milwaukee – a place to go late at night for food and a nightcap, a place to laugh with your friends over late-night breakfast about what happened earlier. A place that isn’t a scene so much as it is a late night destination. Most 4 a.m. bars are disgusting dens of the leftovers of whomever didn’t hook-up earlier, and yet there are a lot of people who are night owls with few decent options after 1 a.m. for food & drinks. I say, create the cool vibe that most other 4 a.m. bars don’t have.

  76. Chicago Leather says:

    No Mexican food!!

  77. handsup1 says:

    Imagine the old icons of Chicago, men of industry, politicians, and the mob. Elegant but manly. A place where a person can get a drink in a place where attentional to detail is important. Classy dress code, classy drinks, classy bar. Could be members only at certain times. Private events, or fundraisers. ( billy and his buddy Obama) you know your target demographic better than I, but Mr. Dec, you have an Emmy, you know the President, you almost brought the Olympics to Chicago! All of the high end locals, where do they eat and drink and do business? When I spend 10 grand on my wife on Mag. Mile, there is no after dinner bar or club for us to go. Trump International, the drake, 2 w hotels, the peninsula, public, Waldorf, 4 seasons, James, palomar, Monaco, Conrad, Sofitel, all house the clientele of which I speak. This might not be the right project for now, but I am sure you know that liquor sales are up 30% since 2008 and food revenue is down. Best of luck, and one day we can hopefully work on a project together.

  78. Kathleen Boylan says:

    At 4 am I want comfort food breakfast- everything from Belgian waffles to lobster omelets to bacon truffled eggshell. Mmmmm!

  79. Vince Sanchez says:

    I like the taco dive bar concept! Can you turn the space into a loft to give it a chill, laid back feel? Street style with some edge. Sweet art on the wall, dark leather furniture, or wear and tear would be different for dive bars. EXCITED!!

  80. Carrie says:

    Make it all space themed… Like that big silver bubble they’d set up in the gym in grade school. Just be sure it doesn’t smell like feet like that one did.

  81. Why not do some type of healthy concept for your new dive bar? Look how popular Protein Bar has become in the Chicago Loop area? Maybe “Casual Healthy” or something like that?

    Good luck!

  82. Mary says:

    People will be drunk and/or tired, hangover food(from other countries!); pomme frites (or plain) and steak, brats, fried rice/congee, irish breakfast, pizza, grilled cheese, anything with bacon or maybe just upscale diner food?.. Then there’s churros, krispy kreme..Good beers, coffee..comfortable seating.

  83. tankboy says:

    I vote Star Wars Cantina bar!

  84. Liz says:

    Star Wars Cantina Bar

  85. Carrie says:

    I’ve always had visions of a bar called “The Canteen” with camo/military/patriotic decor. Could also cater to the military/vet crowd, have a wall of honor or something with pics of regular patrons – or vintage military pics – that would be cool. :)

  86. Rich Shultz says:

    Star Wars Cantina Bar!

  87. sarah says:

    live bands with changing themes, professional dancers (hot looking) getting people to dance, exotic “feature of the day” drinks with seasonal items…

  88. Eric says:

    Home of the $2 Taco, $5 Sandwich Grec, $5 High Grade Tequia shot, Hookah and House!

  89. Lynnda Pardoe says:

    How does a concept based on Coney Island in the 50′s sound, Dark lighting, cheap booze, pinball tables, hot dogs and fries, etc. If you want to go farther with it there’s always the carnival aspect, freak shows, oddities and the like.

  90. M says:

    Himalayan roadhouse, kind of like the bar in ‘raiders of the lost arc’ where Marion won the drinking contest. Whip up a menu of Tibetan “inspired” dishes, like bison/yak burgers (once you try yak you never go back). The Darjeeling Express is going to factor in there somewhere. Mix in an Andean/Aviator theme like ‘only angels have wings’ with quinoa dishes. The house specialty will most likely be tequilas, but there will have to be a special reserve of ‘nectar of the gods’ based on Jaand (Nepelese rice wine) depending on where it can be distilled. Thesis: Transportation from this world to the next at the crossroads of the ends of the earth. With any luck you can tie in a corporate sponsorship from Boeing.

  91. Lisa Frame says:

    late night throwback bar that plays oldies remixes, has a big punch bowl and has a few SLOW DANCES!

    Late night bar that serves breakfast with a “heel check” like coat check but for heels and we get slippers.

  92. Mary Ellen says:

    Star Wars Cantina is a great one!

  93. Okay, how about a super cool surfer bar/tiki lounge? cool music, cool bartenders, not pretentious and maybe add that taco/mexican food concept.

  94. Liz says:

    Taco places are overdone. Go downtown Nashville-style and keep the dive bar theme (with a plethora of beers), but add live bands that play at the window to attract passing crowds.

  95. suzy oddo says:

    How bout a Rasta Ranch with live reggae bands and carribean food? Billy Dec’s Ragamuffin Ranch…woohoo!!!

  96. PocoSueno says:

    It’s a great space with a number of unique areas within. There’s a bar in DC called Passenger, known for fantastic cocktails, both new and old. It’s a tiny place within a bigger bar/restaurant, so you have to make a reservation to get in to Passenger. You could work along the same lines at the Martini Ranch space, turning the back right bar (when looking at the space from the stage) into it’s own private area, completely walled-off, dark and sexy, with great drinks and a chill vibe. You could also add a Membership feel to the tiny bar, but only if you kept that list quite small. Then the rest of the bar could be classic old school cool, dive-y or speakeasy/50′s-ish.

  97. PH says:

    DIVE BAR with dive bar prices on liquor, beer and food. But with high end TVS and HIGH END BAR FOOD!!! Look at boss bar, always busy on the wknd, imgaine if it had good food late night!!

  98. jgrover says:

    Everyone is so eager to be hip, and cool. What about suave and sophisticated. The martini is born of the jazz, and swing scene. Where have these “classy dives” gone. No need for a dress code, but why can’t people dress nice, and go out for some good music, soft lights, and hard alcohol? Food would lend itself to the class.

  99. Call it “next best” and change food/drink/music choices monthly with up and coming samples of each from the Chicago area.

  100. jim kaneshiro says:

    How abou a bar that showcases the best of Chicago, it’s friendliness. Make it a local friendly neighborhood type of bar that you don’t see Downtown. A place where you could play pool, eat great pub fare and have fun. On. Some days have blues or jazz bands

  101. jim kaneshiro says:

    Make it the best of what Chicago has to offer; friendliness, food, and fun. Make it like a local neighborhood bar with pool tables and food that showcases the best of ethnic pub grub. Spanish, Oriental, European food that visitors will love. A non pretentious local bar with international appeal that visitors as well as locals will love. Universal appeal!

  102. Deltawhiskey says:

    Go with karaoke; has been huge in asia for years and popular on north side at a few korean owned places. Its a fucking blast and would be hilarious for late night lushes…and celebs too. You could have themed nights or different themes in parts of the bar. Not terribly original, but if youre looking for funny/different/unique this is a winner.

  103. Danny K says:

    Call it dive bar , reef, playa, some take on water/ Mexico / woman’s name in Spanish/ mermaid / taco or little tacos tequila flight theme. TNT, TACOS AND TEQUILA. Have the tv show guys from “tanked ” Las Vegas come in and build two custom fish tanks, a small one visible from the street FOR ALL TO SEE AS THEY DRIVE BY, maybe under window seating and one in the back..I used to go there 20 years ago as well. Great fun crowd, drinking talking dancing and hooking up. Heard you on Johnny b.

  104. Janet B says:

    My vote is for a totally different concept. I have 2 completely different concepts in mind. 1st is for an AWESOME BBQ place. I found 1 a few months ago in Urbana called “Black Dog Smoke & Ale House”; it was an “experience for ALL of my senses”. Great burnt ends, beer & wait staff! Another concept was at a rest in Sch’burg called “Seasons 52″ where all entrees are 475 calories or less & their menu changes each week (Seasons 52) by adding seasonal fresh produce & yummy options. As Americans get larger each year, PLEASE make sure your chefs create healthy options at your restaurants. Thanks! Haven’t been into any of your locations but always enjoy listening 2 u on with Jonathan Brandmeier!!!!! Best of luck with this new one. Janet B.

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  106. You should team up with BadHappy, if you had their food or they could serve liquor, you’d have a line around the block.

  107. You should team up with BadHappy, if you had their food or they could serve liquor, you’d have a line around the block!

  108. [...] and CEO Billy Dec announced the new acquisition on his blog, aChicagoThing, with a public poll asking for some [...]

  109. [...] with how this came about, Billy Dec, Brad Young and Arturo Gomez positioned Chicago through feedback on “A Chicago Thing” post closing of Martini [...]

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