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Not gossip. Not even Facebook. Nope. But rather the suspect behind this grandiose amount of lost productivity in offices is no other than that of fantasy football! And with the season just beginning to settle in, I’m sure you’re bound to notice the catastrophic effects in your office.

I’ll be honest. Fantasy football is fun! And even though I have yet to win one (this is my year, trust me!), I have to admit that I enjoy everything about it. One thing I have to come to realize however is that it does take much time and preparation to compete in this imaginary game especially if you’re a competitor who despises the thought of losing at anything like yours truly.


Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago-based outplacement consultancy, calculated this $13 billion lost in productivity, states that its motive was to highlight the cost of distractions in the office. “We are not trying to demonize fantasy football,” CEO John A. Challenger states. “It’s important to understand that there are more distractions than ever in today’s workplace. If it’s not fantasy football, it’s the latest Hollywood gossip, shopping on Amazon, or checking Facebook.”

Point made. $13 billion is a whole lot of mula to see sacrificed at the hands of fantasy football or any other “office distraction” for that matter. And if we put a dollar amount to those other distractions, I’m sure we’d be in for some surprises. At the end of the day, it may sometimes become difficult to focus while at work however make sure your distraction isn’t running up the bill! Read more HERE!

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