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meet the man that has made custom handmade hats for Johnny depp, tom hanks, buddy guy, paul newman, Bernie mac, andy Garcia & many many more classic hat lovers like me! his name is graham Thompson of optimo hats on the south side of chicago and if you check this behind the scenes video I randomly did w/him, you will be as fascinated & hooked as I am!

You can tell his way of customizing handmade hats is a scarce art, a deep passion that is super special, and deserves the worldwide respect he gets for his craft & product… It’s all just an honor to have him based out of the windy city, where we have a long history of rocking killer custom hats! When you do visit his hometown gem of a shop, graham & crew will walk you through picking the finest materials helping to custom design your hat to compliment your head and face, posture, and style… I highly recommend it for yourself or giving the gift of the experience to a friend or family member who would dig it. For more info visit or call 773.238.2999 and tell them you got my shoutout! You should also hit up their store September 9th for their 1st ever Hat Event from 6-9pm!

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