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Nobody chooses to be homeless; it’s what happens when you hit rock bottom. In response to the rising number of homeless Chicagoans, Run Home Chicago, a 5K race and Kid’s Dash, aims to end homeless in our city. We are striving to meet this enormous task at hand, which is to provide homeless Chicagoans with shelter, sustenance and services, while also raising awareness of our homeless community, research associations and other non-profits. Our race is this Sunday, June 9th at Soldier Field at 8AM.

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Chicago’s very own Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Steve Harvey have signed on to our cause to end homelessness and empowering people on their paths to achieving social, emotional and economic independence. Our race emcee, Andrea Metcalf, the emcee for our race, will motivate runners and kick-off the 5K and following the race, enjoy snacks from Plum Market, Home Run Inn, Skinny Pop, Zico Water and more.

For women, adolescence and mothers with children affected by homelessness, the burdens of finding adequate shelter, food and basic resources, on top of sustaining a line of income and coping with complex emotional repercussions, is incredibly daunting. The Primo Center for Women and Children, a nonprofit housing shelter located in our city and primary host of Run Home Chicago, believes that no woman or family should have to go through this process alone. The Primo Center provides a unique and ambitious program geared towards supporting and empowering women and children in the Chicago area.

Are you ready to run? Sign up for the 5K now!

-Theodora Skolnik

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