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You have a broken heel. Your boots are caked with salt from last winter. You have a wedding this weekend and your date/mom/Grandpa Joe will not be pleased if you show up with un-shined kicks.

Whatever your shoe woes are, you have them and likely don’t know where to go to take care of them. Or maybe you do but that cobbler down the street is only open every 3rd Tuesday for 43 minutes and the graveyard of shoes behind the counter is giving you concern about ever seeing your beloved wingtips again.

Enter Shoe Drop.


Created in Chicago, Shoe Drop is an app-enabled shoe care and repair company. Through over 70 drop locations at high-rise residential buildings, offices and dry cleaners, Shoe Drop removes the pain-point of not being able to find a cobbler and the lack of transparency around pricing and quality that exists even if you do find somewhere to take your shoes. Our app launched recently and we are so excited to be bringing innovation and modernity to a timeless craft. Our cobblers are from generations of shoemakers and we’re proud to be sharing their work with the Chicago community.

The process is simple: download the Shoe Drop app, find the drop spot closest to you and tell us what your shoes need done. Don’t know? That’s totally fine – we’ll call or text you once we have your shoes in-hand and will walk you through a consultation. In 1-3 days, you will receive a message via the app telling you that your shoes are ready for pick-up at the exact same place you dropped them.


So whether it’s prepping for the winter ahead, getting a shine for Saturday night or wanting to finally take your favorite shoes out of the box and onto the streets of Chicago, relax – with Shoe Drop, you can say you’ve got a guy.

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