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Tara Flocco here-Director of PR at Music Dealers! I’m guest blogging to tell you all about an amazing event that happened just a few days ago right here in Chicago. Over 400 guests gathered for the inaugural Visual Sound Awards (#VSAwards) to recognize marketing and advertising campaigns, TV shows and films that have utilized music in the most successful and creative ways to drive value for Music Dealers’ global brand and entertainment partners, while showcasing the profound impact these projects have had on the emerging artists whose music is featured the campaigns. The evening kicked off with an awards ceremony during which The Visual Sound Awards winners were announced, and continued into the night with an after party featuring live performances by Music Dealers artists Metis, Greg Corner of Kill Hannah, Ghosthouse and Dot Dot Dot that brought down the house.

Music Dealers Clients change emerging Musicians lives every day. With endless music choices available today, it is important to pause and reflect on the impact of our clients’ choices. Not only do these music selections represent the highest quality music by the most highly sought after emerging artists around the world, but they have also profoundly affected the Artist’s life and career. Behind all of these Visual Sound Awards nominees and winners – be it a Web or TV advertisement, or even an experiential activation – are real Artists, whose life’s passion is creating music. And because Music Dealers clients chose to enhance their campaigns with music produced by these artists, they have been able to fund national tours, record new albums and build their professional teams – propelling their careers to the next level – all with the money generated from these placements.

 “In his Visual Sound Award acceptance speech, Music Dealers artist and the new sound of Coke Zero’s “Make It Possible” global ad campaign, Metis, said “The song we created with Music Dealers for the Coke Zero campaign was truly a catalyst that catapulted my music career. It led to multiple record deal offers and so many other opportunities, and it all started with Music Dealers believing in us from an early stage and Coke giving us the global platform”. 

Check out all of the Visual Sound Awards winning campaigns here:

Best Music Use in a TV Ad: Grey Group & Salme Dahlstrom for “Covergirl: Intense Shadow Blast”

Best Music Use in a Web Ad: Greenpoint Pictures & Zyme for “Nike+ Presents Track My Game Promo”

Best Use of Indie Music by The Coca-Cola Company: Coke Zero & Metis for Coke Zero’s “Make It Possible”

Best Use of Indie Music in TV & Film: Whitehouse Post, Cap Gun Collective & Bronze Radio Return for “Discover Card: NHL’s Day With The Cup”

Best Music Experience: Coca-Cola for The 2012 Olympics Beats Lab

Best Use of Custom Music: Marbles: The Brain Store & Renald Francoeur for “Marbles Brain Beats” Series

Music Dealers breakdown:

Music Dealers is a global music technology solution that bridges the gap between bands and brands, enabling content creators to foster deep connections with their audiences and opening up a new route for emerging artists to gain the exposure, funding and distribution necessary to propel their careers to the next level. With offices in Chicago, New York, LA, Atlanta, London and Sao Paolo, and powered by the world’s largest emerging music licensing database, Music Dealers has opened up a previously untapped global platform for the best emerging artists to share their music with the world through TV, film, radio, internet and live performance deals. In 2011, Music Dealers finalized a groundbreaking partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, which secured Music Dealers’ position as the organization’s global music partner and earned Coca-Cola a minority stake in the company. For more information, please click here!

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