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On the third day of October, The Chicago River will run shaded with multitudes of independent whiskey, rum, tequila, mezcal, cognac and vodka alike. The masses with gather with intense expectations of world-renowned spirit’s that entice taste buds and blur vision of all who participate.

In less eloquent terms…The Independent Spirit’s Expo is coming to Chicago on October 3rd with extensive varieties of small batch, unique and artisanal spirits from around the world that will get you tipsy and make your mouth smile. Either way you put it, it sounds like a freaking amazing time. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by some of the best distilleries known to man? The taste testing will be plentiful thanks to the 94 very generous spirit exhibitors excited to show Chicago their unique tastes!

Brands such as BluecoatPiedmont Distillers, Inc. and Boca Loca Cachaca will be in attendance, but like I said almost 100 different vendors will be at your service!

For only 55 bucks, there is honestly no excuse to miss this event (especially if you are an alcohol enthusiast… I mean, isn’t it your sworn duty then?)

Here’s the dets:

The Chicago Indie Spirit’s Expo

When? October 3rd 2012

Where? Carmichael’s Warehouse

1052 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60607

What Time Do I Get There? VIP from 5-7pm, or G.A. from 7-9:30pm

You’ve been told – now go forth and drink! (But make sure you eat a nice dinner beforehand)


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