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Hey everyone! If the Mayans were correct, the world will end in about eight days. Billy was kind enough to let me take a few minutes of your time to let you know about a great way to make what might be the last toast you ever make: a toast to the end of the world.

The ancient Mayans predicted the world would end at the stroke of midnight on December 20, 2012 and Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. thinks that a toast is in order! Patrons at many restaurants and bars around Chicago will greet the end of the world with a beer in hand and a toast, in unison, to La Fin Du Monde (the end of the world). To make the evening especially delicious, Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. will supply a special La Fin Du Monde brew from Unibroue for the apocalyptic toast. The triple-style golden ale with aromas of honey and coriander is the perfect winter brew (and possibly the last drink you will ever have). La Fin Du Monde boasts notes of fruit and spice with a hint of yeast and a malty flavor that leads to a smooth finish. So don’t spend what might be your last night just sitting on the couch, join Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. and Unibroue in partying like it is literally the end of the world! If the world does still exist after December 20, the brew will be available in the days following while supplies last.

Josie Berg-Hammond 

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