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About Our Restaurant Week Menu:

What would your last meal be? That’s the question our Executive Zoë Schor and team pondered while coming up with our Chicago restaurant week menu. We explored the dark side and delved into what some of America’s most notorious bad guys (and gals) requested prior to execution. Our extensive research led us across uncharted dinner territory and introduced us to the inner world of some very strange minds.

As part of Chicago Restaurant Week 2015, Ada St. is featuring their interpretation of famous criminal’s last meals. Some well-known, some obscure, all to die for.

For their first course, diners can enjoy the marinated olives with cheese curds and toast inspired by Victor Feguer—a convicted murderer who hoped that an olive tree would grow on his gravesite as a symbol of peace, his meal was literally just a single olive.  Or a flatbread of house made Merguez sausage, Valbreso feta, spicy piquillo pepper sauce—inspired by freeway killer William George Bonin, who requested two pepperoni and sausage pizzas and Coca-Cola.

last meal flatbread

The second course features Ada St’s “original recipe” of fried chicken with a house buttermilk biscuit, strawberry jam and potato puree inspired by Chicago’s own killer clown, John Wayne Gacy who asked for a bucket of KFC original recipe, french fries and a pound of strawberries. Or enjoy steak and eggs—the standard “last meal” for all prisons is steak and eggs, with hash browns and coffee which was served to Ted Bundy, the campus killer, who was executed in 1989. Ada’s take on it features Wagyu hanger steak with two fried eggs and sweet potato hash. Or go even darker with the grilled rolling meadow pork chop with corn pudding and pickled red onion for Rainey Bethea-the last person to be publicly executed in the U.S. in 1936 who had pork chops, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers and cornbread.

last meal olives

Every last meal needs a sweet ending, right? Dessert choices include Jeni’s Splendid dark chocolate ice cream (that’s what Oklahoma bomber Tim McVeigh had in 2001) or sponge cake with cherry compote (for Lindbergh kidnapper Bruno Hauptmann).

Need a cocktail to get through this last supper? An after dinner drink is also included on the pre-fixed menu. Imbibe the Imbibe the “Paper Tiger” (Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Nardini, cherry bitters, egg white, fernet float) inspired by Gary Gilmore’s last meal, which included contraband Jack Daniels.

Ada St. will serve this last meal menu between January 30th and February 12th, perfect for the (dining) demons in all of us!

last meal menu

About Ada Street:

Ada St. showcases a passion for fresh, beautiful ingredients along with an exceptional list of spirits, wine, and handcrafted cocktails on an ever-changing seasonal menu. The proud recipient of a Bib Gourmand designation by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle (2013, 2014), Ada St. was named one of the best new restaurants (2012) by Chicago Magazine. Designed by 2to5 Design, Ada St. is one of the most unique dining and entertaining venues in Chicago. During the summer, Ada St’s backyard picnic tables and ping pong table are the most sought after tables in the city. In an effort to support the local art community, Ada for the Arts events, held on a monthly basis, are carefully curated to benefit up and coming artists. Learn more about Ada St. and the DMK restaurant group (Chef Michael Kornick and David Morton’s restaurants include Country Barbeque, DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar and Henry’s Swing Club) at


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