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I woke up at 5am this morning for a BIG press day with Billy.  We had to do 5 radio shows, a live tv show & a PSA all in 5 hours when he literally just stepped off a plane from France, Hungary, and Austria 12 hours prior.  When he initially told me about how much press he wanted to do BEFORE he was live on Windy City Live– I thought it was absurd, but in all the time I have known him, I can say he pushes himself to work beyond what most people think is feasible.  The main purpose behind all this press was to talk about two events that are the very important to him to support art & theatre in Chicago & raise scholarships for kids –  The Madhatter’s Ball & The Piven Theatre Gala.

The schedule of the day went as follows:
6am – Picked up  Chicago Reader, heard BD won “Best Person to Follow on Twitter”                                                                                                                                          6:15am – Car Pickup

6:30am – Stop at Rockit to pick up Burgers
6:45am – Live on Kiss FM with Angi Taylor at Brother Fred
7:30am – J & Julian Show on B96
7:40am – Fresh with Scotty & Rebecca
7:50am – K-Hits with Eddie & Jobo
8:30am – Make-up & Producer’s Session for ABC’s Windy City Live
9-10am – Live on ABC’s Windy City Live
11am – Steve Dahl Show
11:30am – PSA Shoot for Chicago’s Go Do Good Campaign that Connects Art to Action
1-3pm – Work at Rockit Ranch Productions
3pm – Call in with Andy Giersher

I took my camera with me to show you guys what it’s like to be Behind the Scenes when you are live on radio & tv!!! It was a crazy, fun-filled day, and I was shocked to see that Billy was still even standing to make it out that night! (Billy attended a party for Factor Models and worked at Sunda later that night.  I, on the other hand, was asleep by 10pm)

By the way, for those who follow Billy on facebook & twitter – You may have seen the picture of the bird that he posted that seemed to be injured right outside his office on that day.  I’m very happy to report that by the end of the day, the bird was saved thanks to the help from the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors – we will post a video we took and share the whole story here tomorrow!


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