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I’m back from exploring South East Asia! After so much amazing feedback from my pictures on Twitter & Facebook, I wanted to accommodate requests to share my pics here as well- enjoy!  Not only will you see that I returned again to do a tremendous amount of new food research & development, but you will more so feel how blown away I was by the amazing the people, nature, temples, beauty, animals, culture, & experiences!

I encourage you all to please visit that area of the world as soon as possible while some of what moved me most remains relatively untouched.  And please share this link, these pictures,.. with your friends & family so they too can see what its all about!  Big shoutout to Kipling & Clark for their excellent planning help! Along with all the amazing hotels, accommodations & tours that you will see noted in the pictures below..

And for all those who have missed out on my adventures, and want to be connected with me for all that is to come, click and follow me here: & (Also, click on the pics below to see my twitter commentary!)

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  1. yann

    yum. mouthwatering dishes. spikes my imagination with facination. Have to promise myself to experience the same someday, oneday, not too late. Dishes with coconut shells were massively interesting. Evetything look so pleasant with banana leaves. H.K. foods seem quite greasy, though.

  2. Toine00

    Randomly heard @ a business meeting that you were a part of a fresh water well production in Thailand??? How was that experience?


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