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Back in 1986, a high school wise guy came to Chicago and stirred things up a bit. People danced in the streets and Wrigley Field was taken over by three juvenile delinquents – all for a day off. Now, 25 years later, the legend of Ferris Bueller lives on.

On October 1, in celebration of the film’s anniversary, Groupon and Wrigley are setting up three giant movie screens in the ballpark to show the classic film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Catch a younger Matthew Broderick, Wrigley Field and the Willis Tower, back when it was known as the Sears Tower. With it taking place on a Saturday night, you don’t even have to skip school to attend.  Additionally, there will be an attempt to break the world record for singing the movie’s anthem, Danke Shoen.

During the movie, pay special attention to the scenes at the baseball game. Do you know the score or what game they are at? Check out some impressive detective work here – you’re sure to impress your friends with your knowledge.

Tickets are $10 for bleacher seats, $25 for an outfield lawn seat or $75 for a VIP outfield lawn seat that gets you access to a pre-event party at the Captain Morgan Club, but also be on the lookout because our CEO, Billy Dec, is giving away some tickets on twitter & facebook!

So, dust off your 80s gear, warm-up that voice and grab some close friends to help “Save Ferris!”

Evan Jones

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  1. Julie I

    My Friends & I would LUV!! to see this one!! Blast frm the past……BUELLER where are u??!! lol 😉


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