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i met kate years back at a really cool event i hosted to raise money for kids all over the chicagoland area that need scholarships to study art & theatre. she was blowing up  on “grey’s anatomy” but never forgot her roots of living in chicago, studying under joyce piven in evanston, and wanted to join me in giving back in any way possible. with that, we clicked, and i have really enjoyed her talent, heart & friendship ever since. 

if remember my blog a couple months ago about our last hang out (scroll down to if want!) we had a fun night on the town and over did it at sunda…..the part i didn’t mention was that we were going to do an interview like the rest here but we got way too caught up in the fun to do it right, and we figured best to postpone….but, as cool as she is, kate actually felt bad and knocked it out soon as she got home on her own, and sent it to me! how cool is that? a lot of love for the for chi….

and remember all, how can you show your love for the chi? take one minute today to tell all your friends and contacts, by email, twitter, facebook, phone calls, whatever….to ask all to listen to these celebs share their stories so the rest of the world knows how great our city is too!

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