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joe is an absolute stand up guy w/ a ton of talent, an amazing resume & career, a beautiful family and so much love for chicago that he brought it out to “la la land” with him to share with the world serving them chitown favorites in his infamous restaurant in burbank, cali called “taste chicago!” (love that!) 

i had the pleasure of joining him and his amazing wife last time in town (posted pic below a month ago?) he invited me out to the set of “criminal minds” last time i was in l.a. to hang, and to me, he has just been one of those guys i just love to stop and listen to. hope you feel the same way after hearing him here….enjoy! 

and remember all, how can you show your love for the chi (& the usa as a whole)? take one minute today to tell your friends and contacts by email, twitter, facebook, phone calls, whatever….& ask all to listen to these wonderful personalities share their stories so the rest of the world knows how great our city (& country) is and how much we want to share & strengthen friendships with the rest of the world!! don’t forget, i am posting one new celeb interview per day here til the oct 2nd announcement that chicago (& the usa) will be the home of the 2016 olympics! so keep checking out who’s next! thx and….best of luck to us all!

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  1. Maralyn Owen

    I love what Joe Mantegna said about Chicago being the “personality of America”…that Chicago truly represents the country with its mixed cultures, etc. unlike L.A. and New York which are wonderful but “anomalies”…so true…


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