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As much as it is important to support local theater, I also think it’s super important to support actors with a local tie when they’re performing outside of chicago… that’s why when I was sent to nyc last week to interview celebs supporting the Olympics in chicago/2016, I jumped on the chance to see my buddy joey Slotnick (lookingglass) in ethan coen’s (coen bros) off-broadway play “offices” at atlantic theater co!


Along w/actors like f. murray Abraham (academy award best actor, Amadeus), joey’s performance was absolutely outstanding!  Anne Hathaway (“Devil Wears Prada”), John Krasinski (“Office”),… and others friends from the industry that came as well, joined me in praising him over dinner & drinks after the performance… everyone loved it!  Joey actually leads the first of three acts playing the main character… he’s hilariously paranoid freaking out thinking everyone at his office (especially his boss) is out to get him… w/ super funny references of what some do to climb the corporate ladder, how they kill time at work, and what it’s like to be alienated by the rest you work with (omg, water cooler scene)… who can’t relate!?!?!  My mind went crazy w/ a lot of thoughts of my own past, present and future- which for me, is a sign of a great play!


Show only goes to June 7th so tell all to check it out fast!  Oh, and if miss joey there, rumor is he might be coming home to chicago in the fall to play groucho marx in the musical “animal crackers” at the Goodman… can you imagine!??!?  A homerun for sure!  Hope its true- bringing everyone I know…

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  1. Lynne

    That’s a real kick to see Chicago folks in NYC isn’t it? I am so proud of the Chicago Theater that goes to Broadway (after originating here)

    LOVE the Pres’ intro for you… Wow!!


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