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By now we all know that 3 Chicago-based performers will be in the cast of SNL.  They are Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Cecily Strong.   Everyone has been writing about how they all are from The Second City, but guess what? They also performed at other Chicago-based comedy clubs.  And Bryant, who went to Columbia College, actually worked at all three!

Lets start with the Annoyance Theatre, where Aidy Bryant performed earlier in her career.  It runs several different comedy shows including improvised, musical and sketch.  Aaand it’s a little subversive. How? Well they have a show called Skinprov.  Naturally that one is 18 and over.

Bryant also did the iO up in Wrigleyville.  She and Cecily Strong were a part of Team Virgin Daiquiri.  This comedy place is pretty much only improv.  So that means they have no plan on what the show is going to turn into.   What’s special about the iO is that it is long form improv.  Instead of games or short scenes, performers have a whole story arc with their characters and one whole sketch can last 30 minutes.  Tim Robinson also performed at the iO with the Cook County Social Club.

So I said Bryant was pretty busy.  That’s because she also did the improvised musical show called Baby Wants Candy.  Like a lot of improv shows, it starts with a suggestion.  Then, along with a band, the performers create a completely new musical.  They did Sarah Palin the Musical once, so who knows what they’ll do next.

If you want to see these comedians before the Saturday Night Live season premiere September 15, check out Aidy’s video above and here’s one from Tim: and one from Cecily:

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