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History is not as dull as everyone though back in high school.  Mainly because the Chicago History Museum is teaching you about Chicago through pub crawls.  Finally! Mixing education with alcohol! Plus there are several different kinds of crawls you can go on.  Let me tell you about a few of my favorites:

Thursday, November 8th will be Pubs, Potions and Hocus Pocus.  Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean you can’t see some spooky stuff! Real magicians will be at each spot.  Cue me singing “I put a Spell on You.”

Come December there will be a Rat Pack Christmas on December 13th.  Feel like you’re back in the swinging sixties? Yes please! This one will obviously take you to taverns which Dean and Sammy would’ve gone to.  Hmm, I know Sinatra loved Twin Anchors, I wonder if that’s on the list.

Lastly there’s probably the most Chicago History Crawl of them all: Booze, Bars, and Bootlegging.  It’s no wonder the November 18 night is already sold out! I’ll have to wait until the 27 of January to go to speakeasies where gangsters like Moran, Capone and Dillinger went to.  I want to have fun drinking some hootch and do the Charleston.

All crawls are $25 for members and $30 for the general public. They also have private crawls, so feel free to organize one for your friends…just be sure to invite me!

Grace Sweeney

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