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This is a video of me interviewing nba allstar dwyane wade about his thoughts on the Olympics, his love for chicago, how he would do if he played me one on one, & much more… we actually filmed it at a dinner last year that benefited his wonderful “wade’s world” charity group that raises money for Chicago-based organizations that teach, inspire and educate kids to give them a shot at a better life. If haven’t met him, Dwyane is super funny, genuine and completely dedicated to his organization whose motto is “every child deserves a shot.” He explains “I can’t just let basketball define who I am and what I am supposed to become,” and its obvious he is doing something big about it.

With that, he has completely won my support! I am passing on his invitation for all to come out and join him this year in his great hometown of chicago to light up the entire weekend of August 19th-22nd w/events that you are all invited to! It will be a fun-filled weekend w/Dwyane & his celebrity friends hosting a special benefit dinner, a bowling party & my fav.. a “Chicago’s Got Talent” competition! Speaking of the talent competition, I was actually asked to be one of the judges this year, but unfortunately I’m in Africa and will unfortunately miss it. but please, make sure you go, spread the word, and tweet or facebook me how it goes and what you liked best! Go to for more info!

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