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check out this video of me, my buddy pat daley, and my rockit ranch partners arturo gomez & brad you, running through the red square in moscow last night! i know, so random. pat happened to be here (and apparently really knows his history), and if you follow me on twitter & facebook, you know my partners and i are making our way through russia and sweden before pulling up by train in copenhagen for the oct 2nd official olympic decision determining whether chicago ( and the usa in general) wins or loses the honor of being host of the 2016 summer games!  

will keep trying to share parts of the journey with you as i go…hope you enjoy! and if you could please help us win next week that would be amazing! just share the news of all celebrity videos i have been posting each day here on w/ your friends, co-workers, family…as fast as you can…to spread these celebrity messages virally on the internet, so the world knows how great our country is, and how much we want to welcome guests (and the 4.4+ billion watching on tv), playing host to the greatest sport, cultural and global friendship strengthening celebration in the world!

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  1. Chris York

    Very fun seeing you guys explore good old Russia! St. Basil’s looks pretty awesome. I hope to make it there someday. Have a great time and keep up with the videos so we back in Chicago can live vicariously through you!

  2. Torrey Szofer

    Ha I hung out with Pat Daley, (although he introduced himself as Patrick), all night a few weeks ago at Undergroud.. very nice buddy you got there Billy… and strangely knowledgeable about the history of Moscow??

  3. Georgiann Hawrysz

    Saw this in Chicago newspaper and thought I would drop in on Patrick Daley. Say Hello to Patrick from Georgiann Hawrysz. My daughter Donna used to babysit for him when he was about 9 months old. And Nora too. Just saw his mom and dad day after the Olympics at the 50th Wedding anniversary of his former secretary. Came straight from the plane from Copenhagen. How many Mayors would do that? I was so….. delighted that Pat was in Russia. I was there in 1986 and was with group of travel agents. Broke away from the group to take train to Red Square with couple of the group to see it in night time. I was so impressed!!! Then it started to snow. The largest snowflakes I have ever seen. Me, a resident of Bridgeport, in Russia at this time was amazing. We saw it the next day in daylight. Not the same as seeing everything lit up. I had only seen pictures of parading their military strength in newsreels at the movies. Yep that was before TV was so easily accessible. How wonderful to see Pat again even if so far away. Sorry about Olympics but we still have a great city!!.


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