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If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my night out last night w/Olympian buds Ryan Lochte & Conor Dwyer. You obviously know how freakishly talented they are and how great they represented and competed for our country, but just wanted to say on a personal level, they are two solid great guys, pleasure to hang out with for sure.

If missed it, I took them to join me at Sunda, and we all tweeted out this pic (click here) of us and this amazing sushi roll Chef made to look like a gold medal with real gold shavings sprinkled over the top. Had to share it with you! They were blown away, totally fun. Then we all went for Moonshine Bushwackers at my new place Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ for the launch of our Tuesday Industry Night “Moonshine Social Club!”  After all that craze, we headed to a Hennessy Party where Ryan & I were just goofing off and made this little random off-the-cuff 2min Q & A video I think you’ll like…Enjoy!

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