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Remember when I hosted that amazing 2000 person event for President Obama in 2008? Well, we are kicking off a new campaign, and we want you to join us again!  Please join me as I Co-Chair a wonderful Chicago event with President Obama at a fundraising kickoff for supporters like you!  Be there on April 14, 2011 at 7p, at Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom (600 E. Grand Ave.)!  For tix and info:

I will send you updates as I receive them on & (so click & follow me!)

By the way, I’m giving away 10 tickets to students on my facebook page! Vist:

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  1. Christine

    Yes definitely if you need help count me in too! You a man of all trades! No wondering you are being honored as “Man of the Year”! =)

  2. Siobhan Carroll

    Hi Billy! I am the 2011 Chicago Rose of Tralee! The Rose of Tralee is an Irish international competition and I was recently crowned the Chicago Rose. I will be competing in Ireland for the title of THE Rose of Tralee over the summer. I am commenting because I am interested in coming to your event as I know President Obama just had the current Rose of Tralee, Clare Kambamettu, as an invited guest to the White House on St. Patricks Day. I would love to hear more about the event as it sounds like a wonderful time to come and show my support and represent the Chicago Irish community! Thanks! Siobhan

  3. Doree McNUlty


    Please let me know if you need another volunteer for this event.



  4. lois motroni

    would love to come and show my support or volunteer if needed. thank you..

  5. Mrs. Diane M. Phillips, President & CEO, E.H.S.S.I.

    Dear Sir:

    Humbly I request permission to serve as a vounteer for your upcoming fundraiser to
    benefit the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama.


    Mrs. Diane M. Phillips, DA; BGS; MSHSA; MJ; DBA/Ph.D./D.Law or JD or EJD pending

  6. Ann Stolte


    I would love to be a volunteer for this event! I worked on the 2008 campaign! And I also have done flowers for many Rockit events! But more importantly than me…about your FB “like” promotion for students…please consider rewarding these tickets based on merit and not popularity… I know some teachers in the CPS school system and I’m sure they could make some recommendations.

  7. VeEtta

    Hi, I was just listening to you on the radio right before 8:30 pm. I would love to be one of the college students you take to the fundraising kickoff with you on Thursday. I am currently a senior in college and do a lot of volunteer work for the Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network. You can also check out our facebook page to see different things we do in the community.



  8. Eric Bednarowicz

    Billy Dec, I want to be your guest at President Obama’s event
    In 2008, I volunteered to work weekends in Davenport, Iowa, where I witnessed people literally pulling over on the side of the road to register to vote for the first time. Beyond the revitalizing my belief in the democratic process, I connect with Mr. Obama’s principals: we have a national debt that requires sacrifices of our nation’s top 1% of earners, job creation must come from the new green sector (not a trickle-down from traditional corporations), and our nation’s stability is directly tied to supporting democracy in the Middle East. We’ve come a long way since those hot days in Davenport (health care reform, financial overhaul, Repeal of DADT), and it would be an honor to hear President Obama describe his next set of goals for our country, in person.

  9. Liz Garcia


    I would also like to volunteer if needed.

    Elizabeth Garcia

  10. manisha

    Hey I heard about you taking college students to this event on the radio. I was wondering if you still have any spots left. I am currently doing my undergrad at Loyola University and would love to attend

  11. Denise Grassart

    You’re doing a wonderful service, hosting this event. I volunteered for Obama in the last campaign. Would love to be there to support him again.
    Thanks for all you do for Chicago.

  12. Melanie Fernando

    Please consider me!!!!!
    I would be forever grateful, an opportunity like this comes so rarely!!


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