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On December 4, 1956, the world brought together four legends – Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins & Johnny Lee Lewis – in a small storefront studio called Sun Records in Memphis.  For this one night, the quartet reminisced and recorded an impromptu music session with the one who discovered them all, Sam Philips – the “Father of Rock-n-Roll” and owner of Sun Records.

Million Dollar Quartet captures the excitement and spirit of this infamous night that caught the sound of four of music’s most popular artists.   The show itself takes place at the Apollo Theater – a space that is incredibly intimate and captures the essence of the night that revealed the intimate details, triumphs and shortcomings of the quartet.  The actors’ performances were superb, but the best part was is that they actually all play their own instruments!  It was no coincidence that the actor who played Johnny Lee Lewis, Lance Lipinsky, was referenced as Liberace in the play as his performance was truly mesmerizing.  Make sure to check out his site here for updates on his latest album that uses analog equipment to emulate the 1960’s sound!

The Tony Award winning musical has now been in Chicago for over 2 years due to it’s great success and popularity & I highly recommend any fan of Rock n Roll, Country or Blues to check it out!  For tickets and more info, click here.

Amy Shah

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