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My friends on facebook & twitter always get mad when they miss a player or celeb hanging out at rockit Wrigley after a game so I am giving you all heads up now!  One of my favorite chicago cubs players ryan dempster will be hosting a really cool event launching the new limited edition cubs-themed muscle milk bottle after the game at rockit Wrigley today, and as a friend of my blog / facebook / twitter, I’m inviting you to hang out w/us!

And btw, if you are also huge fan of drinking Muscle Milk like I am (especially post work-out which I never knew was important until this last year when researched it!), they are giving away muscle milk, cubs-themed products, and a chance to throw out a 1st pitch at a game (video attached has small clip of me almost puking in fear about to throw out first pitch, which can be you!)! See ya after the game for the party today/Weds 30th from 6-9pm, Rockit Wrigley… if rsvp to asap!

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