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Omg check out my friends on this 7 person pyramid tightrope w/no safety net right here in chicago!  Can’t believe they did this after their show private just so you can see it here! You can tell I am freaking out in this video! Share it!
And share it not only because it’s shocking- but by getting this video around we support amazing artists & theatre that needs to be seen!  I seriously want you to see this lookingglass theatre show called “Hephaestus” at the Goodman theatre in person so bad before it closes in next couple weeks that I got all my facebook, twitter & blog fans like you a secret code for 50% off tix if reserve yours in next 24hrs (ends 6/6) on or 312.443.3800, using the code “THEFORGE!”
Btw, when go, read interview with creator tony Hernandez in playbill, where he talks about how I somehow ended up on my back on a pool table at rockit years ago hand balancing one of his contortionist circus girls on my arms for a full performance in front of a packed crowd… omg thank god youtube wasn’t as big then.

Hephaestus is the tale of the infant hurled from Mount Olympus who crashes to the earth fully grown, but has his legs rendered useless on impact. Hephaestus survives and teaches himself the art of the blacksmith – crafting magnificent works of iron and metal. In time, his abilities allow him to bring his silver statues to life to aid him to his forge. When his skills are perfected, Hephaestus begins his journey to Mt. Olympus to claim his thrown as the God of the Forge. Along the way he meets fantastic humans and gods. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Well I’m happy to say you can see it all for yourself right here at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and I’m proud to say my longtime buddy, Tony Hernandez of Silverguy Entertainment, and the renowned Heidi Stillman of Lookingglass are the creators and directors. The cast is comprised of performers from Ringling Bros Circus, Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group and others so you know the talent pool is endless.

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