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Yesterday I started as a guest on Mancow / wls 890am … listening to him scream at me & everyone else angry-faced about obama, david carradine, patty blagojevich and all kinds of crazy stuff… while I’m there to talk about how rockit won “best burger” in the country… (so random right?)… totally live, syndicated, I’m sure with a bajillion people listening… just wondering, what the heck am I doing here?

Then I get out only to go to my gig at harpo studios to be a special guest on oprah xm radio (click here to listen!) sitting in a quiet calm recording studio w/ dr. laura berman talking sex, dating, relationships, love,… also w/a bajillion listeners from all over the country… only this time w/ more love interested women listening than angry opinionated men… again wondering, what the heck am I doing here?

Unfortunately I didn’t come up w/ any answers… but I thanked god that he let me be there to experience it all… and that I live in a community w/ some of the greatest entertainers in the world w/ different backgrounds, talents, positions, character,… that the world listens to out of straight respect, interest and intrigue… and just pray that I only get to be a part of that craziness more and more in the future!  Thx for listening! 

(btw i tweeted all the behind the scenes details – click here to hook up with me on twitter.)

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  1. Dee

    That photo should be a motivation poster entitled “Overachievers”

    Cuz I’m down with Oprah and Obama, bitch


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