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Via Meghan Goulette: Had such a fun afternoon in the park yesterday with our CEO, Billy Dec, after invited to watch him play in the Nike Northside vs Southside Challenge. White Sox player AJ Pierzynski may have coached the Southside team to a victory, but Billy and the Northside crew gave them a  run for their money (led by Johnny Knox of the Chicago Bears who stepped in to coach when Cubs’ Ryan Dempster ended up on DL). The event showcased the Nike Fuel Band, keeping stats on calories (check the video for Johnny poking a little fun at Billy’s stats), steps & more…I actually just bought the band for my dad! Highlight of the game by far was Billy’s double play complete with a sky high catch (AJ coined it the “2nd best catch ever”…see what he called first best in the video). Shout out to all the players listed below!

Billy Dec
Trevor Kuhn
Tim Seong
Brotha Fred
Lisa Frame
Edgar Rico
Frank Cashmost
Adam Crouch
Chris Sifuentes
Berj Alexanian
Marie Purvis
Julie DiCaro
Frank Kladis
Players Player
AJ Pierzynski
Ernest Wilkins
Kayla Duffy
Michael Myers
Alex Gallegos
Kristin Cullinan
Frankie Loeza
Julie Zakarias
Joe Cowley
Kelli Zink
Twitter Player
Michael Bittles

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