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The Wieners Circle has been one of my fav go to places to enjoy w/ friends (like me & Jude Law above) since I was in 5th grade!  Born & raised 3blks away, I remember walking w/my fam or friends once a week to rent VHS tapes next door, and I always got a cheddar cheese fry & chardog to go!  Back then they didn’t scream obnoxious profanities at customers who love it like they do now, but their food hasn’t changed a bit and is still the best!  That killer combo of great food & entertainment (or abuse) is probably why they just landed their own reality TV show that premieres tonight on Tru TV at 9 p.m.! Support & watch it!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, imagine drunken customers jamming into a lil late night joint immediately getting bombarded with screaming insults until they verbally fight back causing complete chaos with only food & money flying over a counter to separate the two obnoxiously inappropriate battling sides!  Word on the street is that the crazy counter workers on the show will make the customers play hilarious games and perform wild physical challenges — all for a chance to get a delish meal for free… all I know is if someone gets the “Chocolate Milkshake” ..well, I’ll let that be one of the many surprises for all you new folks…

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